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New Art Blog

Hi everyone!

My friend Merry has a *new* Art Blog - > merruschka

She’s my art “Kohai” and loves fanart just like me! Her original account merryx3108 is no longer her main art blog. It would be awesome if you take a look at her gallery! She’s still an art trainee, but she makes great progress.
Thanks a lot! :)


Heh. Cairai.

Nakey Shiny Odango ♥

Nakey Odango ♥

Do you remember the fake Sailor Moon double of the 1st season? I’m going to give “her” a more genuine look. What do you think?

Original: http://www.soulcatcher.org/dark_kingdom/scan/zk-sm2.jpg

It’s rule 63-time!

This is actually a fun screenshot. I re-watched the Japanese Sailor Moon episodes of the first season and I just love the original Zoisite! He’s so darn funny and cute as a male. I was never a big fan of him, but the Japanese original of Zoisite just made me laugh so much (remember the scene with the rats in the sewer…omg, I screamed, this is so hilarious!)

However, I grew up with Zoisite as a girl, since the German dubbers gave him a female voice to conceal his homosexual relationship with Kunzite. Just take this as a remembrance to this silly idea in the mid 90’s when we watched Sailor Moon as kids.

Re-draw of this: http://puu.sh/bqY6h/173be56c9b.jpg [Sailor Moon Episode 29]

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A small scenario from my head. I was watching Hamlet for the 1388734347502. time at the weekend.

Inspired by Hamlet - Act 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PcUQyXNYe0

Too lazy to color anything atm.

Look I made a small gift for Aisha! You were one of my first follower ever on tumblr, you explained me how to play with rp-accounts and you have a Cissnei-blog, so big THANKS! I think I neglected Cissnei a bit…she’s still one of my favs!

#6 Headcanon Challenge - Katana [Balto]

[Here are some of my headcanons of one of my favourite BC Turks: Katana. Enjoy!]


Balthasar “Balto” Hailama was born in the village of Gongaga on the 18st of August in 1981. He is about 1,93m tall and weighs 82kg. His eyes are sapphire blue and his hair is black and short. He wears a long scar down his left cheek along with several other scars on his body. His frame is rather slim, he has long, thin legs, powerful arms and slender but strong hands.


Born and raised in Gongaga, Baltos mother Kameko is an emigrant from Wutai. She’s the half-sister of Godo Kisaragi, the leader of the nation of Wutai. His father Hiram is a former engineer from the desert of the Cosmo Valley and worked at the ShinRa Mako reactor in Gongaga alongside with almost the whole male population of the small village. He died during ShinRas battle against AVALANCHE when the terrorists blew up the reactor in Gongaga. His father worked for ShinRa to build the Mako reactor long before Balto was born, made him one of the richest man of the village.

Balto has a 6 years younger sister, named Coria who works as an Au-Pair in Junon during the events of FFVII, AC and DoC. Yuffie Kisaragi is his second girl cousin.

While his father was a very frank and serious man, Balto’s mother was a warm-hearted, small and fragile woman. She always looked after her only family, since her half-brother Godo excluded her from Wutai because she loved a foreign man who supported the ShinRa Company with his heart.


Balto was a very dashing and nature-loving but lonely kid and loved to play outside. He first saw a TV when he did military service in his late teens. At the age of 14 he refused to become a candidate for SOLDIER because he was afraid of wars and worked in Old North Corel as a miner for two years where he met one of the future Turks, Knife. Corel was a flourishing city at the very time, long before it was destroyed by the ShinRa Company.

When Balto was a child, he loved to read books and played the banjo sitting on a tree branch high up the tops where visitors of Gongaga saw him as a mysteriously musical phenomenon. Sometimes he spent a lot of silent time alone inside the tree. People of Gongaga noticed his flaws very early and they started to gossip. Later the townspeople discovered, Balto’s father started to became aggressive towards his family when he had too many drinks at the village pub.

Due to his mixed heritage and his stern father, Balto has always felt abandoned from other children in the town. Families and parents were afraid when they saw him playing with his dangerous swords at the court. One of his neighbour kids, a small and weak boy named Irfan, was fascinated by the weapon skills. He observed Balto for a long time and tried to immitate him. He even climbed a high tree to show him his courage. When Balto noticed his venture, he followed him slowly up to the top while he persuaded him to leave the tree immediately. However, Irfan reached the tree crown when a serpent bit him in the ankle and he felt down together with Balto. They were lucky and landed on some bushes. They soon became best friends and were inseparable.

Life before the Turks

Gongaga had a quite bad education system which is why Balto went to a secondary school in Old Corel until his 18th birthday. While he lived in Corel he became very good friends with Knife, a jolly tomboy, and her clique. They tried to live their late teenage years as simple as possible. At that time, Knife and her friends were hobby musicians, rather famous in Corel.

Knife was the first person who caught Balto’s interest in romance. While they spend a lot of time together, he fell in love with her and they had a few dates during that time. However, they both went seperate ways after high school and military service.

For many new members of the Turks, Balto was “the weirdo” for a very long time. He still gives Shotgun [Freyra] the creeps whenever he’s around. She’s afraid of his past life and personality, because she knew he was in jail for a very long time. Balto has a bad reputation and is constantly avoided by his younger colleagues. He has a very good relationship with Rude and Reno though. Rod [Alvis] fears him because of his weapons, since the redhead has a phobia of sharp and spiky objects.

After school and conscription Balto went back to his hometown where he found out that a large part of the young residents in Gongaga disappeared. Families lost their children while ShinRa searched for new SOLDIER members and experimental subjects. Most of them were kidnapped by the company itself, including Balto’s very first childhood friend Irfan. He started a fight with ShinRas units who were taking the whole town of Gongaga under control. Balto managed to rescue his friend while killing a lot of ShinRa’s soldier guards but he was quickly overwhelmed by the young 1st class Soldier Genesis Rhapsodos who took command of Gongaga’s occupation.

While Irfan managed to escape, Balto was arrested and brought to Midgar where he got a show trial. He lived 2 years in ShinRa’s worst prison until the former leader of the Turks, Veld, recruited him.


Balto shows little emotions for the main, he seems to be calm and collected but he is an intensely emotional and shy person underneath that mask. Before he went to prison, he was an optimistic, open and yet vivid person with many dreams and plans for the future. However, he walked away with deep and huge scars of the cruel treatment in ShinRa’s state prison. He’s polite and now shows a farouche behaviour around people he doesn’t know. He has several weird habits, like staring intently at pretty women while they talk to him or other persons. Balto likes to eat things with his fingers and wipe them off on his pants. He can become unstoppable and extremely aggressive if triggered, even it’s not easy to provoke him. [Ruluf of the Turks was the only one who managed to get a rise out of him.]

He has a very strong Gongagaian accent and he learned the common spoken language of Midgar in jail. He likes to use metaphorical sentences to confuse people. Around strangers he can become a taciturn and unapporachable colloquist.


His father teached Balto in the arts of sword fighting when he discovered his talent at the age of 6. He fought with different kind of sabres and knifes until his mother gave him a Katana from her hometown when Balto was 8 years old. Although Godo Kisaragi severed every contact with his half-sister, he still gave Balto lessons in traditional sword fighting. After several laborious years in Wutai, Balto became a well trained Shinobi. He grooved his skills in his mid 20’s. Balto fights with a Katana made of quenched and tempered Adamantium, a top-quality metal which resembles a mix of steel and silver. He also wields Machetes, small Shuriken, Manriki Chains, Kunai and Kusarigama (chain-sickle).

He is quite fast, able to keep pace with even the fastest SOLDIER, and relies primarily on his speed, reflexes and physical flexibility.

His favourite materia in use are mostly command materias, since his magic skills are quite bad. He commonly uses directly physical attack commands for instance “Doublecut” (2/4x cut), “Deathblow”, “Flash”, “Counter” and “Throw” for the physical offensive, “Time”, “Enemy Skill” and “Earth” in combination with a “HP-Absorb” independet materia. He wears Genji Gloves in battle, his favourite accessory which grants a lot more critical hits.

Random Facts

  • He has a close, professional relationship with Cissnei/Shuriken.
  • He’s an occasional weed smoker.
  • He really dislike electrical appliances for instance mobile phones/smartphones, TV’s and computers. Balto just owns a small laptop for his paperwork and his mobile phone is quite outdated. He really fell in love with a handheld, though.
  • He’s an Entomophagian, but he likes almost every kind of food. He usually slices his favourite melons in mid-air with a Katana. That’s why Reno came up with a silly nickname joke. He calls Balto “Fruit Ninja”, named after the famous smartphone gaming app. “Fruit Ninja” is also his pseudonym on the ShinRanet, the company’s internal forum for Turks and SOLDIERs.
  • Just like his grand father, he suffers from Myopia and wears glasses.
  • His favourite animals are the ants.
  • Out of duty hours he likes to swim and read. He also sleeps a lot in his free time.
  • He doesn’t drink alcohol.
  • He considers himself as bisexual.

I drew my favourite Sailor Senshi: Lil’ Usagi alias Chibi-Usa!

Everytime I see her, I can feel this cuteness overload. She’s one of the best developed characters in the series. I love this cute and cheeky crybaby so much!

[Upcoming follower gift.]

My dear kaibasgirl and I talked about NW occupations for the 13-cast and it took me a while to decide which job would be the best one for Noel. My final decision was Noel as a (milk)farmer! Since he is a former hunter and knows many things about animals, their anatomy, evolution, way of living and nature in general, I think this would fit perfectly. He and Yeul have a pretty old half-timbered house, with a huge barn and several domesticated animals. Yeul has her arboretum but she really loves to support Noel at the farm. They have a small herd of cows, chicken, rabbits and pigs because they are clearly against factory farming and its produced meat. Thus the meat coming from their farm is rather expensive, but I assume it’s one of the best meat you can get ;D

I hope you like it, Kaiba! Tell me what you think, I’m so curious!