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Rod and Owl

I know it’s not much but, here’s a digital art as thanks for making such beautiful final fantasy artwork. ^^

Ashdfkgkjggdkjfrdng THANKS!! I came home and I saw this pretty artwork in my inbox…wow, what a great welcoming, thanks a lot, it’s really cute!! <3



Thingy I drew for owlteria

I have wanted to draw something like this for her very long and finally I was able to do so. Hope you like it! QuQ

OMG…LET ME LOVE YOU!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

waahtis you are the cutest!! Thank you argrmgl….akdjskbfeblsslj ;0;

Quick sketch of Chelsea for love-and-espionage :)

It’s so hot outside…owl stays in the fridge. :c

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For Owlteria, Who Is A Hoot!

Katana x Cissnei, smut though not wildly graphic there is no doubt about what is going on. A touch messy too, as Cissnei’s life is a bit messy.

{I hope you like it! Reccommended listening while reading is O Fortuna.}

I have watched her grow up. From bumbling, gangling child with naught but her doleful eyes to recommend her to formidable young woman with no ability to discern friend from foe to wholly adult Turk mended of all but her red hair (why must it be red? And curls at that.) I have watched her.

Sidelined as an observer alone until chance (or fate?) tucked her under my wing for a single mission, then observance became protection as she still retained a degree of both her suspicion and clumsiness.

Exactly how a twisted ankle had lead to this current situation I had no idea. Nor did I care to delve to deeply in to it. Because as was it’s wont, the suit of a Turk, austere in both cut and color, hid a great deal.

The misfortune of untidy curls aside, there was a certain charm to the nipped in curve of her waist particularly at that point were narrowness swelled to her hips, narrow but still feminine enough to balance out the upturned swell of her breasts that thankfully, thankfully amounted just just the right overflow of a handful each.

So fair, the blush that spread prettily from her neck down so low as to reach the taut pinkness of her nipples - the near-match of color making it easy to forgive the redness of her hair - up to the arc of her cheekbones so well defined even with her mouth open and her head back.

The line of her neck as well, tasting of both the job we’d still completed in spite of her slight injury and the salt of the sheen of sweat, glittering in the orange light of the sunset, was like a thing carved of some earthy material, strong and solid but looking so fragile at the same time. 

Pink may be no friend to a russet-haired woman but it certainly was becoming when it was left behind by my hands and teeth raking over her skin. But that was not the only satisfaction that was mine to be had. For what would be the point of such an encounter if it did not offer voices left hoarse from the panting, bodies sore and aching from the support of rocks, ground, sand and grass.

And the blissful scream of my name, right and proper, from her lovely kiss-bruised mouth as she contracted, expanded gushing one last time while I did the same, her short-clipped nails digging into my shoulders, leaving marks of her own behind for me to find and admire later.

Perhaps her hair, damp and knotted now, was not as unattractive as I had once thought.

I don’t know what my feels are doing…gimme a moment.

Wait…I got it. This.is.amazing!! ;______; So BEAUTIFULLY written!! I only can post gifs to show you my feels!


I almost forgot how much I love this ship GRAAAAH it was my VERY FIRST BC SHIP AND I LOVE IT TO DEATH ;____;


Thank you SOO MUCH! ;w; omg…[I need to calm down…]

Next one for my occupation challenge. It’s Yeul in the New World as a horticulturist. She mainly runs an arboretum (tree farm). First I thought of a flower shop, but I wanted Yeul to make something more challenging. She even learned how to work with a chainsaw ;)

What do you think, my dear kaibasgirl?


Freyra for my owly friend! 

OMFG why are you doin so many beautiful gifts for me?! This is the second one I feel so bad but this is wonderful alkddjndfnsdndfhsfvbfvnvhk MAKENNNNAAAA LOOK LOOK WHAT MY FRIEND MADE FOR US!! She drew a picture of our precious babu! Okay I need to calm down… -deep breath-

This makes me happy. So happy. But something broke in my chest at the same time…

Thank you so much!! ;w; This is FABULOUS, even if she’s crying….aw ._. [I can think of why haha…>_>]

Dude, you ship Serah and Yeul? :P I saw your artwork dedicated to another tumblr user and it looks beautiful, btw.

I do, yes! Thanks a lot, glad to know there are people who like this ship haha :D

REBLOG | Posted 2 weeks ago With 3 notes

Owlterias Lightning Returns New World AU occupations - Dr. Hope Estheim, the biological researcher.

I was talking to warrior-of-etro about New World occupations. Since I assume they live a normal life, I tried to refer jobs which don’t make them too ooc. In my headcanons Light is a cop with a big sense of justice, also called simply Agent Farron or just Claire by her collagues. [her job choice is also a tribute to her dress-exchange partner Aya Brea from Parasite Eve.]
I had trouble to find a matching occupation for Caius first. He never made his way to the NW, but everything is based on my headcanons anyway and I’m still consider he deserves a good ending. I found a perfect job for him. However, he really changed in his new life and he works as a psychotherapist. I always think, if anyone has the most wisdom, empathy and knowledge of human nature, it must be Caius. Due to his extremely long lifespan in the past, he has (like Fang and Vanille) a lot experience. [he looks like old Laguna in this picture, I KNOW :P]

I have jobs for the others, too. I will show them to you in my next posts.


I found this in my inbox today…thought I would give it to the Turks to avoid trouble…

A reblog for my beloved Shotgun 8D

I’m drawing porn for a friend! Now look at my messy art 8D




this isn’t even a problem

….omg i love owls and this made my brain explode with a burst of happiness. <3

…we should all get owls and be like hogwarts students gaiz

"I saw this and I just thought …’Isn’t this owlteria drawing their dem BC crews?’” :|

You caught me again on tape. :c Humans…yeah it’s my magic pen.


This is a cake.

Omg a cake?! This is amazing!!